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So you are sitting at the computer wondering what to do with your tenant(s) that are not paying rent. You tried to be nice and give them a break now you are paying for their decision not to pay you rent. Don't kick yourself! React the proper way and hire us to EVICT THEM NOW!

You will see lots of other companies that claim to do the job, but we go the extra mile. Here's what you get with our service.

  • Review your lease to determine what type of notice to vacate notice has to be sent.
  • Find out as much information as possible regarding the tenants to determine the best course of action. This includes time frames to evict, how to pursue the eviction and advise you of our plans
  • Draft the property notice to vacate notice. This notice is what I call "Court Proof It". Many notices are thrown out in court for not being proper.
  • Personally deliver the notice to the property. Most services skip this major step. We also mail regular and certified mail.
  • Plea letter to resident. I have a personal letter I send to each evicted person. I don't have a canned letter sent to everyone. I gear the letter to the facts that the owner gives me and I try to appeal to the senses of the tenant. This letter is a plea to have them call me or email me so we can discuss options. I am not aware of any company that does this like I do.
  • Attempt to call the resident if they have not contacted us via email or phone. We also attempt reaching them at work or by mail again. The goal is to make contact to let them know we do want to work with them. By working with them we see a decrease in the amount of damage that is done and explain the entire eviction process. We do our best to negotiate a reasonable solution. In some cases that is to move in others it's to catch up with the rent and continue the lease.
  • If the resident does catch up on rent via credit card, relatives or whatever THEY DO PAY THE EVICTION FEE THAT YOU HAVE PAID US. If this fee is not paid the eviction process is still continued.
  • If after all we have done produces no results we have no other choice but to file the eviction. During the period of time remaining prior to court we attempt to get updates from the resident every third day. We also give them written ideas or talk to them on the phone to avoid going to court. We have a high percentage of people that move out prior to court because of these efforts.
  • If they decide not to move we go to court and present the case to the judge. We have a very high success rate in court and most residents move immediately after court to prevent the setting out of there items.

We do all of this and more for a very low price.

So now you may be asking what is the "More".
Well, we will also set up an online account for your resident to view their charges 24 hours a day seven days a week. We give them the option of paying by credit card as well as let them voice what they will through our online communication system. You to will be able to review your account for the period of time these tenants remain in the property.
If you call an attorney for this type of service they typically charge $185.00 per hour minimum. If you attempt to do this yourself you will possibly make mistakes. Even the most seasoned property managers are told their forms are wrong, they have filed to soon or have overlooked the smallest of items. We are so confident in our ability to do the eviction right, that if our case is thrown out for our error we will refund your fee 100%. That's right we will refile the eviction at our cost and time and give you your money back!
That's not all! Our service pays for all postage, certified mail and court cost for one evicted person. If roomates exist we recommend paying the additional fee to evict both or all roommates separately so you may get the money at a later date through the eviction judgement.
So what are you waiting for? Let's get started now. Call me with any questions 214-384-6789 or start your eviction here.